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Wedding Queen luxury of Lace Bridesmaid Dresses choice

Le 1 December 2015, 03:57 dans Humeurs 0

Wedding Queen luxury of Lace Bridesmaid Dresses choice

Overall use thin as onion skin white gauze, three-dimensional hand-crafted tie, wedding veil and dress fused heavy embellished lace and sequins, her dream as a spirit, has the most grand visual effects, but light the way with the most coherent, it is the wedding of the queen.

Tanya advanced custom wedding for Lace Bridesmaid Dresses uk  Rose Garden Rose Garden

Rose Garden romantic life

Delicate lace wrap long fishtail skirt, with agile and lively organza giant lotus leaf, like a beautiful white roses in full bloom. Put on such a great dress, just as in a garden full of roses and enjoy the sweet love.


Tanya advanced custom wedding for 

Styling and long sleeve wedding dresses uk clothing styles

Le 26 November 2015, 04:39 dans Humeurs 0

Styling and long sleeve wedding dresses uk clothing styles inspired profile:

White Bra short paragraph asymmetric skirt. Short wedding does not belong to the traditional wedding, it makes the overall style is more casual bride personality, highlighting the bride soft and whims. Using heavy satin and mesh yarn mixed use, and the use of the gradient lace, feather embellishment, so the wedding has increased enormously Smart character. Chest concentrated scattering crystal as the wedding has added a touch of luxury. Little pink pleated skirt, this dress is characterized by the unique shape of the collar, plus a combination of deep pink raw silk lace and multilayered pale pink together to make garments look lovely personality.

If you want to do a literary range wedding a-line wedding dresses uk, your proposal is how to do (location, format)?


I think this is a full literary small fresh wedding dress from the layout to the couple are full of literary style.Wedding will make extensive use of floral, lace and other elements, so this summer's wedding is full of small fresh feeling, the wedding playing a deep sense of art. Back with baby's breath flower decoration, baby's breath flowers because of its small, so it is suitable to use converging beam. In color matching, you can choose the fresh white and green lines, because this color can not only be well decorated bouquet, but also be able to reveal the romantic dramas.

Spotted Love Brave Prom Dresses Uk Confession

Le 20 November 2015, 03:10 dans Humeurs 0

1. spotted love brave prom dresses uk confession. Once identified the other is their "real thing", do not hesitate, the first time the brave confession.

2. setbacks do not flinch. Love will inevitably lead to all sorts of disputes, both sides are real problems or friction, must be resolved quickly, without delay.

3. willed unaffected. Society is very complex, encountered problems or temptations, everyone will shake really, this time to get rid of distractions, stick to early heart.

4. early marriage tie the knot. Marriage is the perfect ending love. If found true love, bravely with him into the marriage, the promise of a lifetime commitment, which is the TA, it is responsible for their own.

Lan Yu wedding talented design long prom dresses uk community.

"Fashion Bride" Interview with designer Lan Yu

Q: In reality, why you choose "wedding dress designer" as their career?


A: Everyone has their own preferences and good, I should make my hobby became my good. As a girl, I will continue to design their own childhood love, wedding, and loved ones walked into the wedding hall wearing a wedding dress. I itself is very sensitive and very emotional, but also good at doing design work, then I why not contribute their strengths out for more pursuit of beauty, the pursuit of romantic pursuit of unique and sisters complete their dreams? So I did a  designer.

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